Equitable Strategy Group

ESG is an independent financial advisory whose founders have worked in the International Investment arena for more than 20 years.

We provide expatriates and English speakers with clear and transparent financial advice to obtain real value for our clients.

Meet with a qualified financial adviser in Latin America to get an in depth understanding of your financial affairs.

FIDUCIARY relationship

“We commit to a FIDUCIARY relationship with our clients, which no-one else does in this region. That’s not to say we work for free – but we can always demonstrate the value.

After speaking with us, I’d be amazed if a client wanted to use anyone else. Fundamentally, we can solve our clients problems, and do so with elegance and integrity.

We’re happy to offer an initial consultation without charge, and a “best advice” guarantee. It’s the ESG Difference – real advisers, real advice, real value.”

Scott Dunlop BA (Law) FCSI FPFS Chief Investment Officer