Expats in Latin America

Through our network of IFA’s spread throughout Latin America we are able to help expats living there with independent and qualified financial advice.

Expats in Latam

We help Expats from all nationalities with tax efficient savings and investments. So that their money grows faster and is more secure.

Learn more about tax free savings & investments for expatriates.

US Domiciled AssetsĀ 

We assist individuals understanding the taxes on assets held in their name in the USA, for example a bank account, property or corporate stocks & we help to reduce taxes to zero with comprehensive planning. We remove these unnecessary taxes that can be up to 40%.

You can read more about US assets for non-residents here.

British Expats

British expats or those that have simply lived and worked in the UK and returned to Latam often find they need assistance on their assets still held in the UK, we are here to help with optimizing their UK pensions.Transferring your UK pension can be a beneficial option depending on your long term goals.




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