How we are different

Private Banking Services

We conduct rigorous negotiations with your existing or prospective Private Bank, saving you thousands in unnecessary fees. We then protect both you and your portfolio on an ongoing basis.

Discretionary Management

Together we create and agree an investment approach which not only reflects your attitude to risk, but is flexible enough to change with you as your requirements change over time.

Wealth Management

ESG provides a truly holistic, multi-jurisdictional Wealth Management Service. Our solutions are elegant, evidence-based, and deliver real value both immediately and over the long term.

Why clients chose us

With over 30 years of experience in the Global Financial Markets, our team is equipped to give you the best advice. We guarantee the highest level of ethics, transparency and honesty. This allows us to deliver actual value to our clients.

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Private Banking - 60%
Portfolio Management - 80%
Risk management - 70%
Expat Mortgages - 80%
Market Analysis - 50%
Our customers first

At the Equitable Strategy Group, we take a very different approach. We always put our customers first.

We do this through a meticulous analysis of your situation and a thorough evaluation of your personal goals. If we can not significantly improve your situation, you pay nothing.

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Results Driven

Need an in-depth analysis of your investments and portfolio. Contact us to set up a consultation.

Equitable Strategy Group has achieved attractive long-term returns while protecting capital during downturns. Your wealth is in our experienced hands. Giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

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A glimpse of what we do for our clients

Our Clients Say

  • They performed an analysis on my existing investments and banks and showed me the fees I was actually paying which were much higher than I was aware off, They renegotiated for me and offered me solutions, now my costs are down more than 50%. Tiago C - Sao Paulo

  • The information they provide goes beyond the usual standard, they genuinely look over each aspect of your portfolio to reduce your costs and build a clean investment philosophy. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Alan S - London

  • If you've previously worked direct with a Private Banker you'll be pleasantly surprised at the attention to detail and the availability of ESG by comparison. George M - Malta

  • They worked with me to help set up my trusts and underlying investment structure for the benefit of my kids and my grand kids, its a complicated process & they took away the burden of work and delivered exactly what I wanted. Jessica H - Hong Kong

  • ESG was able to save me thousands in unjustified fees, hire them! Brandon D - Dubai.

  • A five star service, they offer real advice and real value Chris C - Geneva