Our sole aim is to help clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals while enjoying exceptional, personalized services

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Discretionary Fund Management

Discretionary Fund Management is a truly personal service.

All of our portfolios are constructed taking into account your individual circumstances, objectives and attitude to risk. Together we create and agree an investment approach which not only reflects your attitude to risk, but is flexible enough to change with you as your requirements change over time. We then take responsibility for the day-to-day decision making on your portfolio, deciding which investments to buy or sell, and when to do so. These decisions are made by highly qualified and experienced professionals – including Chartered Wealth Managers, and Chartered Members and Fellows of the CISI. Some of our clients want specialised mandates invested in equities, fixed income, private equity, infrastructure assets, ethical or socially responsible investments or alternative strategies. We are flexible enough to accommodate all of these requirements, and we frequently provide opinions on strategies suggested by other wealth managers as part of our service.

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Private Banking

Our Private Banking Service - what we call "DFM PLUS" - is designed to ensure you are getting the full value from your Private Bank, Custodian, or existing Platform.

Many clients are paying too much for these services, and some have been persuaded to use additional unnecessary services from these companies which increase costs, and add little to performance. We conduct rigorous negotiations on behalf of our clients, frequently obtaining significant discounts and fee savings. For clients where a new Private Banking service is appropriate, we assist with appointing a suitable Private Bank, Account Opening procedures, fee negotiation, and act as an independent adviser on an ongoing basis.

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Wealth Management

ESG provides a truly holistic, multi-jurisdictional Wealth Management Service.

We will help you to create the appropriate structure to ensure your nominated beneficiaries enjoy as much of your wealth as possible. By taking a moment to correctly arrange your succession planning we can help you to significantly reduce the impact caused by taxes & fees at the point of donation or inheritance. Working in conjunction with international lawyers we will help you to safeguard your intentions regarding succession & ensure that your beneficiaries receive the greatest possible benefit.
ESG provides the specialised advice that will help you to address the complex issue that is Global Wealth Management.

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Asset Allocation and Portfolio Structure drives Return
This is our most important belief

Almost all the performance in any portfolio depends upon the assets held by that portfolio. Not fund manager skill, and certainly not market timing. Having the correct mix of assets is the most important part of any investment strategy. Which is why we put so much time into getting it right.

Costs Matter
Most appropriate asset classes can now be accessed at relatively low cost.

High ongoing active management fees, entry costs, trading costs, spreads, soft commissions – all of these can act as a significant drag on a portfolio. We aim to minimize the cost of investing by using low fee instruments with high liquidity wherever possible.

Investor Behaviour Matters
Most self-directed investors significantly underperform markets and benchmarks due to self-harming investment behaviour

We commit to helping clients to deal with the ‘behaviour gap’ by being the voice of reason even in extreme market conditions. Research suggests that this discipline and guidance (or ‘behavioural coaching’) adds an estimated 1.5% per year extra net return, when compared to an average investor.

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Challenge the Status Quo

A New Way

Every day, private banks and financial advisers are selling toxic investment products which disguise juicy commissions and unjustified fees. ESG can help you challenge the status quo. With over 30 years of experience in the Global Financial Markets, our team is equipped to give you the best advice. We guarantee the highest level of ethics, transparency and honesty. This allows us to deliver actual value to our clients.

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How We Work


We talk

We take the time to understand your unique situation, without charging fees or asking for commitment.


We figure things out

We X-Ray what you currently own, show you the fees and commissions you're actually paying and how much we can save you.


We take action

We implement your bespoke strategy and conduct rigorous negotiations on your behalf, ensuring you get the best possible terms.


We get results

We ensure our clients get the lowest fees in the market. We watch over your investments as if they were our own. Because we only succeed if you do.

Common Questions

  • Q: Is this for me

    A: Everyone needs help to move to the next level, here at ESG we provide you with support in what you are trying to achieve. Its not a question of “is this for me” it’s a question of when should I start.

  • Q: What is the pricing structure

    A: ESG provide a free consultancy whereby we assess your situation and see if we can help, if we can not significantly improve your situation then you’ve had a financial review for free.

  • Q: What kind of support do you offer

    A: When we “onboard” a client that person or family are appointed a lead advisor and a secondary plan administrator to help with your day to day needs. Simply call or drop an email and we will arrange for what you need.

  • Q: What are the risks

    A: Risks are always inherent in investing however at ESG we undertake a vigorous Attitude to Risk profile with clients and we take the time to know you as a person to be sure that your portfolio is built exactly within the risk boundaries you are happy with.

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“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

Warren Buffet

We have a personal stake in the firm and our clients’ success. With no ties to any financial institutions, we have only your interests at heart.

At the Equitable Strategy Group, we take a very different approach. We always put our customers first. We do this through a meticulous analysis of your situation and a thorough evaluation of your personal goals. If we can not significantly improve your situation, you pay nothing.

Overseas Investement

Planning on making an investment? If so you may pay stamp duty or pay income tax on any dividends you receive & lets not forget capital gains tax (CGT) on any profit you make when you sell. And if you hold shares when you die, then they will typically be part of your estate, which could end up paying inheritance tax. ESG will help you plan in a tax efficient manner that will benefit you and your family.

Private Banking & X-Ray Analysis

We all agree that private banking is an essential component for both emerged & emerging wealth however don’t let your Private Banker fool you, they make money from your account, more than you probably realize. If you wish to have an independent review of your current structure to uncover all the “hidden costs” ESG Global will help you, and not only that but we will renegotiate those fees on your behalf.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning forms an integral part of most peoples wealth management needs & should not be overlooked or underestimated. "As in all successful venture, the foundation of a good retirement is planning." - Earl Nightingale. Don’t fall short use a trusted ESG advisor today.

Moving Abroad or Going Home?

ESG are experts in dealing with Expatriates and we understand the tax considerations you need to deal with when you plan on moving abroad or are returning to your home country. We will help to guide you through a complex arena and keep your investments safe & as tax efficient as possible. Don’t lose out, consult with a professional.

Wealth & Estate Planning Solutions

Whether planning for your family wealth to remain invested in a safe & protected manner or for succession issues such as Inheritance Tax Planning. ESG will assist in providing your family with the greatest level of planning and support.

Corporate Solutions

Many HNWI’s benefit from a more sophisticated wealth management structure often this will involve the incorporation off and tax planning around, various corporate entities. Here at ESG we have experts in the field to help guide you to the correct solution.