We work hard to look after your money— after all, you’ve worked hard to earn it. As a team, we aim to deliver you positive long-term outcomes and to help you secure your financial objectives through a disciplined investment approach.

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When clients select ESG they get a personalised service from a boutique discretionary investment management business. We look after your portfolio of investments over the long term, helping make sure it is on course to meet your strategy and adapting to any change in your circumstances.


Unlike many private banks and wealth managers, our clients are able to speak to the person managing their wealth, rather than a relationship manager. We pride ourselves in creating competitively priced bespoke risk-adjusted portfolios for our clients.


We take time to make sure your investment strategy and choices are right for you and your objectives. We discuss and review your financial requirements and aims, and assess your investment needs and sensitivity to risk. Only once we have a clear picture of your investment profile and your aims, will we develop and propose an investment strategy. This will also take into account any tax implications.


We can advise you on building a portfolio to meet your investment goals and circumstances.
Assess your existing portfolio of investments to see if it matches your objectives, and advise on changes if needed.
Provide investment advice on specific investments or investment planning.

Our Story

ESG Global was founded by a group of like minded professionals who wanted to disrupt the industry by delivering transparency and actual value.

The founders of ESG Global have been working together for over 10 years and it was inevitable that their experience and values would lead to the creation of a Wealth Management company designed to put the needs of clients first.

We have a strong focus on markets which in which we believe the typical investor has for far too long been taken advantage off via hidden and unjust fees supported almost purely due to their geographical situation. We want this to change.

We are here to help & we’re with you every step of the way. Welcome to ESG Global.

Meet some of our key team members

J Scott Dunlop BA (Law) FCSI FPFS

Chief Investment Officer

Scott Dunlop

Michael Wagner


Michael Wagner

Bruno Weidle

Chief Operating Officer

Bruno Weidle

Founder Statement

  • We commit to a FIDUCIARY relationship with our clients, which no-one else does in this region. That's not to say we work for free - but we can always demonstrate the value. After speaking with us, I'd be amazed if a client wanted to use anyone else. Fundamentally, we can solve our clients problems, and do so with elegance and integrity. We're happy to offer an initial consultation without charge, and a "best advice" guarantee. It's the ESG Difference - real advisers, real advice, real value. J. Scott Dunlop - Chief Investment Officer.

In need of a worry free service? Come talk to us about your situation, we look forward to hearing from you